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  1. Coordinate transformation from 3D ECEF X, Y, Z to f, l, h and opposite
  2. Molodensky Datum coordinate transformation from one ellipsoid to another
  3. Transverse Mercator Projection Coordinate transformation from Ellipsoid to datum and opposite
  4. Two dimensional Coordinate transformation: (a) Conformal, (b) Affine, (c) Bilinear
  5. Coordinate Geometry CoGo - Fundamental problems, Traverse, Stadia, Total Station, Intersection
  6. Georeferencing and Screen Digitization of a scanned map
  7. Draw lineal features on the screen from a file with X, Y, Z, coordinates and another file with the Topology
  8. Creation of a Grid DEM from points with X, Y, Z coordinates
  9. Creation of Contour Lines from a Grid DEM
  10. Creation of a Perspective Drawing from a Grid DEM
  11. Analytical Educational Presentation of a Grid DEM and the bilinear interpolation
  12. Analytical Navigation Solution in GPS using Least Squares
  13. Best fitting of points with one or two independent variables to a polynomial function of 1 to up to 15 coefficients
  14. Preparation of Grid DEM Data to create stereo images
  15. Generation of image coordinates in two stereo images with known orientation from properly prepared data
  16. Single band Digital Image Processing Regular, Equivalent and differentially stressed Histogram, regular and random colored Density Slicing
  17. Generation of image coordinates in two stereo images with known orientation from Grid DEM
  18. Three Dimensional Transformation: (a) Conformal, (b) Affine
  19. 27-educational programs of 2nd Editiοn Geoinformation Topographic Mapping (minus photographs)

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