The Department of Environment was established in 1984 along with the foundation of the University of the Aegean. It is situated in the city of Mytilene on the island of Lesvos. Lesvos is the administrative center of the University of the Aegean, there being university departments on four other Aegean islands (Chios, Rhodes, Samos and Syros) as well. At the time of its founding, the Department of Environment was the first and only department in Greece offering a comprehensive undergraduate program in environmental science. In this respect, the Department was instrumental in formulating an environmental scientist’s career in Greece.


The objective of the Department’s four-year undergraduate program is to instill a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of both national and international environmental problems in its students by providing them with the necessary analytic tools for their solution. Following an integrative and holistic approach necessary in resolving environmental problems, the undergraduate program consists of courses from both natural and social sciences. This approach – considered innovative at the time – has been followed over the years by other newer departments in Greece.


The objective of the Department’s graduate program is to provide its graduating environmental scientists with advanced scientific knowledge, to supply them with the necessary skills for the market place and to assist them in further developing their skills and knowledge after graduation.


During their undergraduate studies, students have the opportunity to obtain professional experience through summer employment in both public and private enterprises; furthermore, they are offered the opportunity to study for some months in other European universities by participating in the Socrates – Erasmus student exchange program. The Department’s undergraduates can also meet students from other countries in Greece, get to know their customs and attend lectures in English.

The research and teaching activities of the Department depend to a great extent on the continuous interaction and cooperation between the students and faculty, providing a solid foundation for their studies.