The Department of Environment offers three graduate programs that cover a wide spectrum of knowledge:


Upon completion of studies in these programs, students can obtain the following:

  • Postgraduate Master’s Diploma (M.Sc.)  

  • Doctoral Diploma (Ph.D.)  




The Department of Environment, University of the Aegean (Mytilene, Lesvos island, Greece) offers a post-graduate course leading to the award of a ‘Master in Science (M.Sc.) in Environmental Sciences’, for the academic year 2015-2016 (in accordance to the Ministerial Decision n. 99828/Â7/27-06-2014 (FEK 1852/ô.Â’/07.07.2014).


The post-graduate course aims to train students in environmental sciences through taught courses and applied research (90 ECTS) and lasts for a minimum of three academic semesters (October 2015- January 2017).


The first semester includes taught courses in English on Research Methods, Design & Implementation and Advanced Seminars with one of the Department’s three sections (Environmental Engineering & Science; Applied Ecology; or, Environmental Social Sciences and Humanities), at the Department’s facilities on Lesvos, Greece.


For the next two semesters the students will undertake their individual research with the aim of producing and delivering: (a) an original research paper which will be submitted for publication at an international research journal (b) a written thesis which will be submitted to the Department of Environment, University of the Aegean. During the research semester students may be located wherever it is deemed appropriate.




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The "Environmental Policy and Biodiversity Management " graduate program began in 1997-98. The Department of Environment collaborates with the universities of Central Europe (Hungary), Manchester (Great Britain) and Lund (Sweden) for the exchange of teaching as well as the operation of a new graduate program ( 


The Environmental Policy and Biodiversity Management program aims to advance scientific and professional knowledge and abilities on issues involving policy and planning of environmental management. 

The mission of the program is the training and specialisation of scientists so that they have a comprehensive and deep understanding of environmental matters. These scientists will be able to participate in the process of the conception, formation and application of environmental policy. Apart from their own enrichment, these scientists will have a substantial impact on their work environments.  

The program achieves the above objectives via graduate studies that lead to the acquisition of a Master’s or Doctoral Diploma in the planning, application and evaluation of policies and systems that are related to the confrontation of environmental problems. 


Postgraduate Master’s Program (M.Sc.)

The objective of this program is the professional development of the students through the integration of acquired expert knowledge in the areas of environmental sciences, ecosystem and biodiversity management, political science, economy, management and public administration, and regional planning. Educated thus, graduates will be able to contend with environmental questions in a systematic manner. The educational process includes teaching, field exercises, seminars, postgraduate research and the writing of a postgraduate thesis.

Candidates for this program must be University or Technical Education Institution graduates, with a very good knowledge of at least one foreign language. 


Doctoral Diploma Program

Study and research at the doctoral level deepens theoretical knowledge and contributes to the progress of science and its applications. 

Research subjects for doctoral theses are announced each semester. Interested students should submit applications with curriculum vitae and all the required supporting documents to the Department Administration.

Candidates must have a University or Technical Education Institution degree (from Greece or abroad) in a relevant subject, as well as excellent knowledge of at least one foreign language. A prerequisite for the registration of doctoral candidates is a Master’s (or its equivalent) except in special cases and only after a decision by the General Assembly of Special Composition of the Department. Each doctoral candidate must submit a proposal for a Doctoral Thesis within 18 months of the initial acceptance. A doctoral thesis must be completed within six (6) to twelve (12) semesters, not more or less. The “Internal Regulations of Doctoral Candidates” detail the rules for the development of a doctoral thesis.



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The graduate program "Ecological Engineering and Climatic Change", operating since 2003-2004, leads to a Master’s after one year of study (courses and thesis work), and a Doctorate after at least three years of research and work on the doctoral thesis.


Postgraduate Master’s Program 

The objective of this program is the acquisition of knowledge in the field of Ecology and Management of Ecosystems, as well as in the field of Environmental Science and Technology, with an emphasis on designing management systems and facilities.

To obtain a M.Sc., candidates must successfully complete 60 credits and participate in the educational and research activities of the program. Credits from other graduate programs of the University of the Aegean or other collaborating Higher Education Institutions can be recognized with a decision of the General Assembly of Special Composition of the Department.

The educational process includes teaching, fieldwork, seminars, postgraduate research and the writing of a postgraduate thesis. The minimum time requirement for the acquisition of a M.Sc. is 12 months of full-time study. 

Candidates for the program must be graduates of Higher Education Institutions or Technical Education Institutions, Polytechnic and Science departments, and must have an excellent knowledge of English (bonus given for knowledge of additional languages).


Doctoral Diploma Program

For the acquisition of a Doctoral Diploma, interested candidates can apply to do a thesis in the following topics that correspond to the research interests of faculty:


  • Water Treatment

  • Watershed Management   

  • Management of Liquid Waste  

  • Water Quality  – Priority Substances of the EC  

  • Management of Atmospheric Pollution

  • Alternative Energy Sources and Energy Systems

  • Management of Solid Waste - Recycling

  • Biogeochemical Cycles of Pollutants in the Environment  

  • Planetary Change and Ecosystem Processes  

  • Environmental Bio-indicators –Estimation of Ecological Risk  

  • Spatial Processes of Natural Ecosystems


Candidates must have a M.Sc. in a relevant field from a Greek or equivalent foreign Higher Education Institution. In exceptional cases, holders of a M.Sc.. in other fields or graduates without an M.Sc. may be accepted.



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