The University of the Aegean in Mytilene provides students with the opportunity to join the following recreational clubs to enhance their cultural experiences, enrich their interests with various activities, and develop their creative intellect through improvisation and free expression.


Acting club

Club members practice their skills and discover their talents in the art of acting through the presentation of plays by classic and modern writers.

Cinematography club

In the cinematography club, students discuss various films and cinema trends, and run two film showings every week.

Dance club

In Mytilene there are two active dance groups of traditional and modern dancing. These groups participate in cultural events.

Photography club

The members of this club learn the basic principals of photography, exchange opinions, gain photographic experiences in different locations on Lesvos and participate in photo exhibitions of their work.

Music groups

Students in Mytilene have created more than ten bands that cover a wide range from Greek to international music.

Student Radio Station

The radio station transmits 24 hours a day. All students can have their own music program.


The student union of the Department of Environment also organizes a week-long series of events that are related to the environment and its protection for World Day of the Environment (June 5th).


Finally, the cultural aspect of the University of the Aegean is celebrated with the Cultural Week. This event takes place every year on a different island among the five islands where the University has schools and departments. Its purpose is for students to meet, discuss their common challenges and entertain each other through cultural events that they organize themselves.