Student Accommodation 

The University of the Aegean provides free furnished hotel rooms in Mytilene for eligible students. Eligibility for free accommodation is determined in the Internal Operation Regulations of the University of the Aegean. 


Student Catering

The University of the Aegean provides free meals for its student body. In Mytilene, students can make use of the student cafeterias on the University hill and in the city centre. The cafeterias are open 12:00-15:30 and 19:00-22:30 every day of the week.


Health Care Coverage 

Students may apply for health care coverage by the University (State coverage), provided that they are not already covered by another healthcare insurance plan.


Academic Books 

Free academic books or notes are distributed to students for all offered courses each semester.


Student Transportation Pass 

Students at the University of the Aegean are entitled to a Student Transportation Pass which is effective for one year and can be renewed along with registration in the next academic year. Pass holders are entitled to reduced fares for urban and long-distance public transportation.



The State Scholarships Foundation (IKY) offers scholarships and awards to students annually during the first three years of their studies. It also offers prizes to exceptional graduates. The number of students eligible for scholarships in each department depends on the department's student numbers per academic year. Moreover, a number of scholarships and prizes are awarded to the best students during their graduation ceremony by various social agencies, local authorities and individuals (from the local communities).


For information regarding student welfare, please contact the office:





For required documents for the accommodation application, click here


Career Office 

The Career Office is located in Mytilene and its objective is the smooth integration of graduates in the workplace, and the briefing of students on the prevailing tendencies in the job market. The activities of the Career Office include:

  • Maintaining a database on the professional establishment of graduates of the University of the Aegean.  

  • Providing links to the job market  

  • Training - Briefing on postgraduate studies in Greece and abroad, available scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate studies, required entrance examinations for graduates in Greek Higher Education Institutions, training seminars, meetings and congresses, and the job searching process.